Alexis and Riley // Love.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This adorable couple is the future Mr. and Mrs. Dodge!  I had the privilege of getting to work with Alexis and Riley a few weekends ago here at some of College Station's fine establishments-George Bush Library and Kyle Field-Whoop! Riley works with the Athletic Dept. at Texas A&M so we got to get on the field for the second half of their session.  I learned that he is one of the guys on the sideline during football games that gets to wear the cool head phones.  I thought that was pretty fun!  

These two are so sweet with one another and it was such a joy to get to capture their engagement.  We had originally scheduled our session for a Friday evening but because of some stuff that happened on campus we had to move it to Sunday morning.  These two were such champs and got up super early for their pictures and they were still so beautiful!  I hope you are as blessed by their joy together as I was.  Enjoy!

 Alexis and Riley, 

Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your engagement!  It was such a joy getting to meet both of you and we wish you both the absolute best as you prepare for your marriage next summer.  We pray for the Lord to bless you as you continue in your engagement and joyfully anticipate your upcoming wedding.  Blessings!


Arlina (and Chris)


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