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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I don't know if there is a cuter little one-year-old on the planet!  This sweet boy turned one last week and to celebrate we took some pictures for his First Birthday Party!  His older sister snuck into a few pictures so you will see her on here today as well.  I have absolutely fallen in love with these kiddos and their sweet Mama this last year.  Thanks for welcoming me into your lives!  
Warning: You may have the sudden urge to reach forward and squeeze some chunky cheeks, unfortunately there will be a screen in the way.   Just thought I would  prepare for what is about to come :)  Enjoy!

Look at that tummy!  Oh. My. Word.

Love this lady!

Happy First Birthday Little Man!  You are so loved!


Shannon said...

Darling, playful images!! Love the candids and those squishy cheeks!! Well done, Arlina. :) Happy birthday, little man.

hjbarra said...

I love the noes of the little guy in the air! Add those to my list of "must haves!"

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