Sean & Namitha // Love.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

                     These two lovebirds just got married a week and a half ago and we had so much fun at their wedding in Dallas!  We postponed sharing their engagement photos until after the wedding because we took some pictures of them in some beautiful Indian outfits that they were going to wear to their rehearsal dinner.  Namitha told me that in her culture, no one is supposed to see their wedding attire until the wedding day, just like in our culture, the groom isn't supposed to see the bride's dress until the wedding day.  I thought that was pretty cool! Sean and Namitha came in from Waco and met me in Calvert for their engagement session.  Calvert is officially my new favorite spot!  We had so much fun together and Namitha brought a bunch of fun props for us to play with too!  Hope these pictures bring a smile to your face today!

How beautiful are those colors!

How gorgeous is that ring!  

Namitha wasn't the only one who brought some props.  I think Sean will be pretty excited to see that the terrible towel made the blog post!  

 Check back in a few weeks to see their beautiful wedding!  

Congrats you guys!


facedown said...

Beautiful! I love these two and you did a fine job of capturing their hearts for one another.

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