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Monday, April 2, 2012

Well friends, they don't get much cuter than this!  These two beautiful kiddos are little Miss P and Mr. M. We absolutely adore these little ones and had so much fun taking their pictures in the blue bonnets this year.  I have been taking pictures for this family since their daughter was itty bitty and now she has a little brother to join the show.  To start off this post I have little Miss side by side with one of her pictures from a year ago.  They grow up so fast! 

Warning: your heart may melt away if you continue looking through this post, they are that cute.  Enjoy!
Little Miss P. at 10 months on the left and 22 Months on the right.  Such a big girl now!

Introducing the handsome Mr. M!  Such a little cutie!

(...hearts melting...)

You may be wondering why this picture is on the blog and I just had to share it because it made me laugh out loud when I saw their faces.  Little Miss P looks so innocent over there while her little brother is giving me a squishy face, and yet even in the midst of this very un-posed and random shot, both sets of eyes are to the camera!  I hope this makes you smile!
While we were playing in the blue bonnets we decided to have a dance party and this is her little sequence.
(...hearts completely melted...)

Kevin and Hillary, 

Thank you so much for your friendship and for letting us take pictures of your precious babies!  We love them so much and we look forward to watching them continue to grow in the years to come!

Arlina (and Chris)


The Wilson's said...

so as soon as Michael and I find out we're having a kid...we're calling you to book you in advance. These are amazing!

hjbarra said...

So wonderful! Thank you so much for capturing these precious moments.

Shannon said...

Another winner!! Love these, sweet Arlina. And of course, Hillary's precious ones are simply darling. It's hard to believe how big Miss P is. The box is such a great prop. But I also love him lying down in the bbonnets. Wonderful!!

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